Papa’s Pet Project’s mission is to provide a no-kill facility for domestic pets that have been abandoned, rescued or neglected. Since 2009 we’ve sheltered and found homes for over 2,000 animals. Our pet store next door funds our shelter. 100% of store profits directly finance our animal rescue shelter.

We also provide support and assistance to local shelters. And we have supported pet owners who have suffered hardships or do not have the financial resources to provide their pets food and supplies.


Animals We’re Currently Helping

Skylar is an adorable, brown tabby who cannot use her back legs. Kathy is currently working with others to try to figure out the best way to help Skylar. She is not available for adoption. Part of our mission here at Papa’s Pet Project is to assist animals in need, like Skylar.


Blu is one of a feral litter and is currently being treated for severe eye infections. We are also working with her to become more socialized. She is not currently available for adoption and under our care for the best treatment. We work with many animals to provide temporary care, medical assistance and social rehabilitation.